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Swegon Swegon
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In the mid-1980’s, Swegon chilled beams emerged on the HVAC market. Developed out of the desire to create increasingly efficient water-based cooling from the ceiling, Swegon’s R & D engineers have successively developed generations of first radiant ceiling panels, then coils using natural convection (passive chilled beams), followed by coils using forced convection (active chilled beams), and most recently forced convection with maximum coil utilization and air mixing (comfort module.) Millions of chilled beams manufactured by Swegon since then are evidence of success. Traditional active chilled beams and modern comfort modules all maximize the efficiency of air and water generation and distribution. De-coupling latent cooling from these ceiling-based devices also allows the realization of other benefits. Swegon promotes the design of a proactive condensation prevention strategy rather than reactive condensation collection strategy.

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