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Prime Air Products Company keeps this archive of our case studies.

Improving Climate Beam Performance with Demand Control Ventilation – a constant volume climate beam system will be compared to a DCV Climate beam design using Swegon’s ESBO energy modeling software.

SG America Cross Contamination

Floating Floor ThumbnailVibro-Acoustics Floating Floor System

Great River HospitalHospital's Fog System: More Than A Mist Opportunity – Mee Industries provides more than just comfort at the Great River Hospital in Ontario.

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center – Buffalo Air Handling provided custom designed units to air condition the 250,000 square foot structure.

The Fredonia Opera House – The Opera house required NC-25 despite the air handling unit installation in the attic directly above.

fog thumbnailFog humidification: fact and retrofits – Mee Fog systems ensure adequate humidity which is seen increasingly as another way to maintain worker productivity. How it should be engineered for optimum efficiency, and some of the challenges involved with incorporating it into an existing hvac system.


Sunnybrook Health Science CenterSunnybrook Health Science Center – Vibro-Acoustics No-media silencers replace the specified acoustical duct lining at a saving in cost and improvement in IAQ.